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A.I. Integration Strategy Sessions

Are you looking to save time and money for your business using AI, but don't know where to start?

Our team of experienced AI specialists can help you navigate the complex world of AI and find solutions that work for you.


For a limited time, we're offering a start-to-finish AI Strategy & Execution by our team of AI experts for just $997 USD.

With this offer, you'll get:

2x 60 minute strategy sessions with our team of AI experts

A customized plan for incorporating AI into your business

Implementation of strategies discussed in the session, including content creation and marketing copy.


Expert guidance and support as you implement your AI strategies

As a bonus, you'll also get 90 days of access to our team for questions. This is a great opportunity to get ongoing support and guidance as you implement your AI strategies.

What Our Clients Say

“An AI Persona is such an asset to have on your side. I'm a big fan of it. Dr Karen helped in showing us specifically what to ask ChatGPT to get more out of it. Our session was super helpful for me. It will make my job significantly easier.”

- Brooke Rundell, Event Coordinator, The Original Eumundi Markets Ltd

“I had never used ChatGPT before our session with Dr Karen. From our session I discovered that it’s actually quite easy to use. It's not as daunting as I thought it was going to be.”

- Kita Lawrence, Marketing Coordinator, The Original Eumundi Markets Ltd

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“As a company it can be challenging to maintain a consistent tone of voice in our online content because we have multiple people creating it. It can be even more challenging when incorporating other AI products; content can become quite generic. The AI Persona that Dr Karen developed with me has helped us to rework our copy, so it now has a consistent tone of voice that is relatable, personable and engaging to our target audience. It has helped us to create highly optimised SEO copy that also communicates a likeable personality and connects with our target audience on a human level.”

- Fraser Thomas, CEO, Tigerfish Tools

“It's unbelievable. Dr Karen helped me to build an AI Persona that is a LinkedIn expert to assist me with strategy, content ideas and writing posts. Often, I have ideas for content, but don't know how to start writing. This AI Persona gets me past procrastination, helps me to organise my ideas and actually produces content that I can work with. It's amazing.”

- Natasha (Ducarme) Aitken, Return to Work Strategist, General Manager

Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level with AI.

Contact us today to learn more about how our AI services can help you succeed.

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